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Fireshel Tactical Pen for Emergency Survival Escape

Fireshel Tactical Pen for Emergency Survival Escape

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Fireshel tactical pen is indeed a beauty but it’s so much more than just good looks. The pen is both lightweight and incredible durable thanks to an aircraft grade aluminum construction that won’t rust, won’t stain, and will probably never break no matter how much abuse you try to throw at it.

Whether you need to write up a report, fight off a weasel or extricate yourself or someone else from an overturned vehicle you’ll be glad you have the Fireshel tactical pen with you.

A great self-defence weapon

A tapering, hard as nails exterior makes Fireshel tac pen not only look like a bullet, it bites like one too. Striking an assailant with the pen will put the fear of God into them and a couple of clean shots will likely be all you need to send them running or leave them whimpering.

And a tool that can secure your life

You can always easily cut a jammed seatbelt by rope cutting tool combined on Fireshel tactical pen. And should you be trapped with a layer of glass or some other hard surface between you and survival the tungsten steel glass breaker on the end will make sure you emerge in one piece.

Fits Your Daily Routine

Lightweight,versatile, durable and affordable it’s the type of EDC you shouldn’t leave home without. Fireshel tactical pen fits easily into your pocket like an ordinary pen and will become part of your daily routine. The pen is also a first-class writing instrument and a high powered LED flashlight for finding your way clear of trouble. A tactical flashlight and a tactical pen in one, it couldn’t get any better.

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