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EHS Retailer Anti Slip Tape Waterproof Pre-Cut 10 Pieces 2 x 12inchs

EHS Retailer Anti Slip Tape Waterproof Pre-Cut 10 Pieces 2 x 12inchs

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  • ★NO INJURY: According to statistics , there are 2880 incidents caused by falling down stairs each day, so let us help you protect your family with our product anti slip adhesive tape and stair treads non-slip
  • ★HIGH QUALITY: Our product outdoor anti slip tape has been proved to improve in adhension when used with solvent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive and 80 grit aluminum oxide with black color, compared to other products non slip tape available on the market, especially when used outdoors, easy to use for all such as ,ladders, plastic, ramps, stairs, boats, metal, tile, boats, carpets,concrete, skateboard, etc
  • ★PERFECT FOR YOUR HOUSE: anti slip stair tread tape was design by ourselves, the construction engineer with many years work on site, witnessed many accidents at the stairs and slippery locations. This is motivation for research and develop this product to minimize incidents and ịnjuries
  • ★SIMPLE AND CONVENIENT: The product grip tape for stairs has been pre-cut at 2inch * 12inch with 80 grit aluminum oxide and black color, free scraper tools to increase adhesion ability
  • ★REFUND: We have refund policy of 100% in 30 days if for any reasons our product does not meet your satisfaction. Feel free to buy and use outdoor grip tape for stairs, the happiness and safety of your family is our responsibility

10 pcs,  with 2inch * 12inch adhesive black tape, include accessory scraper 

★The features: EHS retailer non-skid stair treads with 80# grip aluminum oxide give you comfort even when using barefoot, our products use new generation solvent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive waterproof to increase adhesion to resistant to the severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow storm. Once you want to remove the glue, it will not be left on the surface.

★Identification Signs: This tape is a sheet with popular dimension 2inch * 12 inch, our product is also called  as  anti-slip tape strips, anti slip rubber tape, anti slip  tape stair, anti slip tape outdoor  waterproof, outdoor stair treads, non skid stair treads, outdoor anti-slip tape, Nonskid Tape, Step Tread Tape, anti slip grip tape, non-slip stair treads tape etc

★New Solution: The breakthrough product in the solution  to minimize the number of injuries caused by falling at the slippery locations, indoors or outdoors such as stairs, stairways, ramps, work area, etc

★How to use: Make sure you clean the surface you are going to paste product, otherwise it will come unstuck. Clean with alcohol depending on the surface paste, your product will be very durable if your preparations are good (Note that the product to promote all use, the first 24 hours using the surface paste products should always dry) 

★Bonus: We give our customers the complimentary tools to support the paste easier, ensure the aesthetics as well as improve the quality of anti-slip tape sheets at that location.

★Guarantee:  We have a 30-day money back guarantee policy If for any reasons our product does not meet your satisfaction


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